Initial Loading for Legacy Data

In many projects, aged data must be edited in terms of their reference in SAP®, before they can be further processed with the interface in the production process. This manual maintenance results in many discrepancies and non-synchronised data in PTC Windchill®. The following discrepancies occur frequently:

  • Reference to SAP objects is missing or not defined
  • Attributes in PTC Windchill® differ from those in SAP®
  • Life cycles are not synchronous with the material or document status in SAP®
  • Released drawings are not stored in SAP document management
  • Drawing frames must be exchanged

For data cleansing purposes, we have developed the initial loading tool for legacy data which can be used for batch processing of meta data. It processes previously read data lists and can change meta data both in PTC Windchill® and in SAP®. In combination with the Release Engine, it is also possible to export neutral formats from drawings and store them with SAP documents. The initial loading tool for legacy data can be rented, or purchased for recurrent usage purposes.

The initial loading tool for legacy data can be adjusted to other ERP systems on request.