Despite the current situation, Innoface keeps making things work

Due to the current situation, we would like to inform you about the status quo at Innoface regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Since March 17, 2020, all of our employees are working from home. With this measure, we want to contribute to the containment of this pandemic. Moreover, we want to protect the health of our colleagues.

For an IT firm like ours, it is relatively easy to take these measures. We were able to ensure our employee’s ability to work remotely in no time and thereby continue to operate without notable losses. Knowing well that it is not that easy to do for many other companies and that some may face massive challenges, we believe that the best contribution we can make is to continue to work on ongoing projects as well as the development of our products and to sustain our business by ourselves. We appreciate that you are preoccupied with overcoming your own challenges in your company that result from the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, we hope that despite the difficult circumstances, you can still pursue the joint projects.

At Innoface , we do our utmost to proceed as usual with our activities in close collaboration with you. The day will hopefully soon arrive when the pandemic will be under control.

On that note, we wish you and your colleagues that you stay healthy and your company that it can overcome these difficult times as savely as possible.

Best regards,

Afschin Dideban