IFConneX for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, on Premises & in Cloud

PTC Windchill - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Interface

The PTC Windchill - MS Dynamics 365 interface links PTC Windchill® with the ERP system MS Dynamics 365. It is easy to use and fits seamlessly into the design process of the engineer on the PTC Windchill side. Using the interface, objects such as product (master), item, item bill of materials and other business data can be created and synchronized with MS Dynamics 365 with a single click. The release and change process can be designed across systems.



Product Master

The parts required for a product are defined by the design engineer. As soon as a part has to be purchased or produced, a product (master) is created in MS Dynamics 365. The interface allows the creation of a product master and optionally the release as an item at the push of a button. The CAD part is marked with the product number. This creates a clear reference between the CAD part and the product (master) in MS Dynamics 365. If the CAD part changes, the MS Dynamics 365 objects can be updated at the push of a button or automatically.

Bill of Materials

The engineering bill of materials is defined by the CAD structure. PTC Windchill® automatically creates the corresponding parts structure by deriving it from the CAD structure. With IFConneX for MS Dynamics 365, an Item BOM can be extracted directly from the CAD structure or from the parts structure derived in PTC Windchilll® and stored in MS Dynamics 365. If the structure changes, the change can be transferred to the MS Dynamics 365-Item parts list automatically. If required, the user receives a preview of the bill of materials in MS Dynamics 365 and of changes to the parts list in the browser of the interface before the engineer transmits them to the MS Dynamics 365 system.

Structure Browser

For easy selection, the IFConneX interface is equipped with a browser embedded in PTC Windchill®. The browser allows the user to select and navigate in the product structure. The parts that need to be linked are displayed. The data is validated before it is displayed in the interface browser. The browser shows the result of the validation including all error messages. This ensures that the data trnsferred to MS Dynamics 365 fulfills the data quality requirements. 

Release Process

After completion of engineering and after the creation or update of the master data in MS Dynamics 365 via the interface, the design engineer can release the product structure including all descriptive documents. The MS Dynamics 365 interface ensures that the master data created in MS Dynamics 365 is synchronized with the data to be released in PTC Windchill®.

Change Process

Changes are requested via change requests in PTC Windchill®. After the change request has been approved, a change message is created in PTC Windchill®.

As soon as the design engineer has made all the changes, the master data in MS Dynamics 365 is changed via IFConneX either automaticaly or at the click of a button. Optionally this happens with reference to the change number represented for instance by a case object.

You can find a detailed list of the functions and features of our interface in the product brochure for the PTC Windchill® - MS Dynamics 365 interface IFConneX.