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PTC Windchill ÔÇô SAP Interface

IFConneX for SAP

The PTC Windchill - SAP interface interlinks PTC Windchill┬« with SAP┬«. With its help, SAP objects like material master, bill of material and documents in SAP and synchronize automatically with a single click. A release and change process across systems is hereby put into practice. 

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PTC Windchill ÔÇô MS Dynamics NAV Interface

IFConneX for NAV

The PTC Windchill - NAV interface interlinks PTC Windchill┬« with the ERP system MS Dynamics NAV. With its help, NAV objects like article master, bill of material and and other business data can be created and synchronized in NAV. The release and change process across systems can be achieved. 

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Automatization of Conversion Tasks

IFConneX Release Engine

In addition to ERP interfaces for PTC Windchill┬«, we also offer the software IFConneX Release Engine to process asynchronous processes. The Release Engine is a middleware to automate conversion tasks that were performed manually before. It has many different modules like the access to SAP┬« or PTC Windchill┬«. 

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Synchronization of Legacy Data

Legacy Data Loader

In many projects, old data needs to be edited in terms of how it is directly related to SAP® before it can be further processed with the interface in the production process. The initial program loading tool processes previously read data lists and can change metadata both in PTC Windchill® and SAP®.

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In Good Company

After more than 18 years, our products are used by many renowned national and international companies. Our products and solutions have proved their worth in various industries. Due to the success of the systems PTC Windchill® and the linked ERP systems the demand for our interfaces is high.

The combination of PTC Windchill┬« as PDM/PLM system with ERP systems is so common that you could call it a preferred solution that is trending. Combined with one of InnofaceÔÇÖs interfaces, you get a combination of integrated systems that support your processes very well. If you also decide to link PTC Windchill┬« with SAP┬« or another ERP system, you will be in best company.

Here you can find a short list of references by our customers whom we have been working with for many years. If you need more information, we can establish direct contact. Please use our contact formular or write us an email. 

Unique Features Of Our Interfaces


Our interfaces are controlled directly via menus and dialogues from the PTC Windchill® user interface. The interface comes with a structure browser that supports the user in the selection and the validation of the data that needs to be transmitted. The user always gets a preview of the data before it is transmitted to the ERP system.

Bidirectional Synchronization

Thanks to the bidirectional comparison, master data is always up to date. You avoid additional work and expenses that can occur if critical changes are not automatically transferred to the other system.


The requirements for a PTC Windchill┬« ÔÇô ERP interface can vary a lot. A simple standardized interface for all purposes is not feasible and interfaces often have to be reprogrammed for the use at hand.

Our interfaces have been standardized based on many years of experience in the interface business. All common functions can be adjusted interactively. The project-specific programming effort is reduced dramatically.

Real-time Operation

Our interfaces generally access functions directly in order to store or change data in the linked system. The result is reported to and displayed for the user instantly. Thus, the user can see for oneself if the function request was successful. The data is instantly available in the other system. 

Your Benefits

Minimal Data Maintenance Costs

If the automatic and reliable access to the documents with reference to ERP material master that are generated by the construction department is missing, a central drawings data storage has to be maintained manually. By using an interface you can save time significantly. Data only needs to be put in once because it is automatically transmitted to the other system.

Reduction of Errors

If there is no interface, mistakes happen easily in the allocation of drawings and drawing versions to material masters. By using an interface, allocation mistakes can be avoided because the data is automatically transmitted.

High Quality and Transparency of Data

Without an interface there is usually a lack of reliable references between data. An interface links CAD models and drawings reliably across systems with logistics data in the ERP system which also makes the search for repeat parts easier.

Achieve company goals more easily

By using an interface you can lower development and production costs, shorten the time it takes to develop products as well as raise employee and customer satisfaction. You can produce more cost-efficiently than your competition, have bigger profit margin or offer lower prices.