Project Handling

Besides very good programming skills, a deep understanding of the involved applications is required in order to link complex PDM systems like PTC Windchill® with ERP systems. At first, our employees get extensive training in PTC Windchill® and SAP® or other ERP systems and our own interface software.

Moreover, our project engineers apply our project management methods to successfully complete projects on time. The implementation is based on specifications that are prepared in an initial workshop. Usually, the project includes the following tasks:

  • Installation of a PTC Windchill® test system at Innoface. The internal test system is configured according to the customer’s system so that the settings of the interface can first be tested in-house.
  • Installation of the interface that was prepared on the test system for the customer.
  • Based on the specifications that were agreed on with the customer, the interface is configured and adjusted.
  • Test cases are defined for all the functions that need to be tested.
  • The interface is pre-tested in the Innoface test system.
  • After the installation of the configured interface, the functions are pre-tested by Innoface based on the test cases in the customer’s test system.
  • The customer’s key users test the interface and report discrepancies and change requests.
  • The interface is revised, mistakes are corrected and changes are implemented.
  • The final tests are done and the customer approves the functionality.
  • Normally, the users receive training for the application.
  • If necessary, legacy data is corrected and reprocessed with Innoface’s Legacy Data Loader
  • The software goes live.
  • The interface is put into operation.
  • After going live, the maintenance contract comes into play and Innoface supports the customer via support and hotline.


The fundamental prerequisite for a successful interface project is the creation of the specifications sheet at first. We can support you with the creation of the specifications sheet. For this, it’s irrelevant which technical possibilities the interface already offers. The focus here lies on the requirements of the customer and the processes.

Based on the specifications sheet, the budget can be planned. If the specifications sheet doesn’t suffice, a workshop needs to be conducted. Afterwards, we are able to submit a budget quote. 

Project Decision

After the consulting phase, functional specifications are created that form the basis of the implementation. A first prototype is provided first by configuration and if required by programming. This prototype is tested together with key users of the customer and developed further to a deployable solution. After training of the users comes the Go Live.

One of our project leaders oversees the project. He is responsible for the project handling on schedule in close collaboration with the project leader of the customer.


Our project engineers support you with the following tasks:

  • Creation of functional specifications
  • Installation of the interface
  • Configuration of the interface
  • Customizing of the customer-specific additional requirements
  • Customizing of PTC® Windchill®
  • Customizing of the ERP system
  • Test, troubleshooting
  • Creation of training material
  • Go Live