IFConneX for SAP

PTC Windchill® – SAP® Interface

The PTC Windchill® - SAP® interface links PTC Windchill® with SAP®. It is easy to use and integrates seamlessly into the engineering process of the design engineer. With its help, SAP objects like material master, bill of material and documents are generated in SAP and synchronized automatically with a single click. 



Material Master

The design engineer defines the parts that are necessary for the product. As soon as a part needs to be purchased or produced, a material master is created in the SAP® system. The interface makes it possible to create a material master with one single click. The CAD part is marked with the material number. Thus, a clear reference between the CAD part and the material master in SAP® is established. If a CAD part needs to be changed, the change of the SAP material master can be updated automatically or with a few clicks. 


In engineering, parts are first constructed in 3D and then described by complementary documents. The created documents are stored with reference to the part number in PTC Windchill® by the design engineer. The interface facilitates an automatic transfer of the mentioned documents to the SAP® system. By converting the CAD models, neutral formats that were already released by the design engineer can automatically be stored with the SAP document. Thus, engineering documents for the visualization and further use in the purchasing and production process are available directly in the SAP® system. 

Bill of Material

The engineering BOM is defined by the CAD structure. PTC® Windchill® PDMLink® automatically creates the corresponding parts structure from the CAD structure. Using IFConneX for SAP you can either use the CAD structure or the parts structure derived from Windchill to directly extract the SAP BOM and put it into SAP. If the structure changes, the change can be transmitted to the SAP bill of material automatically. If required, the user can have a preview of the SAP bill of material and its changes in the bill of material browser of the interface before he transmits them to the SAP system.

Structure Browser

In order to make the selection easy, the interface IFConneX has a browser that is embedded in PTC® Windchill® PDMLink®. The browser enables the user to select and navigate in the product structure. The parts that need to be linked are displayed. They are validated before they are shown in the interface browser. The browser shows the result of the validation with all error messages. This ensures that the data transferred to SAP® fulfills the data quality requirements. 

Release Process

After completion of engineering and after generating and updating the SAP® master data using the interface, the design engineer can release the product structure with all the described documents. The SAP® interface makes sure that the SAP master data generated in SAP® are synchronized with the data that need to be released in PTC Windchill®. During the release, the neutral formats can be generated and stored with the documents in SAP® on request by the product Release Engine. The documents can be released in SAP® in order to further process them. The material status shows the SAP user that the engineering data for the material master is released.

Change Process

Changes are requested via change requests either in SAP® or in PTC Windchill®.

When a change request is approved in SAP®, a change message with the same number can be created in PTC Windchill® using the interface IFConneX.

When a change request is approved in PTC Windchill®, PTC Windchill® generates a change message. Then, the interface can create a master record of change in the SAP® system.

The interface makes sure that the change message in PTC Windchill® has the same number as the master record of change in SAP®. As soon as the design engineer has made all the changes, all the master data are changed and recorded in the history in SAP® with reference to the change number automatically or with the click of a button. New document versions are generated in SAP® for the newly generated document revisions in PTC Windchill®. When the changes in PTC Windchill® are released, neutral formats of the new versions are pulled and filed with the SAP document. 

You can find a detailed list of the functions and features of our interface in the product brochure for the PTC Windchill®- SAP interface IFConneX.

IFConneX is certified by SAP

IFConneX for SAP is certified by SAP and registered in the SAP Certified Solutions Directory. The SAP certification makes sure that functional modules released by SAP (BAPI) are used for a defined standard scope of operation. IFConneX uses the BAPI provided by SAP. This way, the interface can easily be updated for future SAP versions and comes without programming for SAP in the standard scope of operation.

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