In the course of the transition from Pro/INTRALINK to Windchill PDMLink, the Ing. Erich Pfeiffer GmbH again decided on the PDMLink – SAP interface from Innoface.

Ing. Erich Pfeiffer GmbH is a member of the Aptar Group. The Aptar Group is a family of companies developing and manufacturing spray and dispensing systems for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry as well as for the food and beverage industry..
Within the scope of the Terranova project, in 2009 a central SAP system was introduced, which all companies of Aptar Group are to share in furture. 

As a central solution for CAD data management, Windchill PDMLink was selected. Ing. Erich Pfeiffer GmbH and Valois SAS, also a member of the Aptar Group, have been using Pro/ENGINEER and the Pro/ENGINEER data management system Pro/INTRALINK for years. Within the framework of the Terranova project, the alternatives available for managing Pro/ENGINEER data were explored again. The decision was made for Windchill PDMLink, which has a range of functions comparable to Pro/INTRALINK. The global distribution of the companies within the Aptar Group is a further argument for using Windchill PDMLink.

After the decision to use Windchill was made, and due to previous successes with the Pro/INTRALINK – SAP interface, the Innoface interface was implemented at the Ing. Erich Pfeiffer GmbH in order to link Windchill to SAP. It was productively implemented in June 2009.
Furthermore, the product Release and Plot Engine for the exporting and stamping of released drawings in PDF format is also being used.
Since the drawing frames had to be changed, the frames of all released drawings were exchanged automatically using the initial program loading software from Innoface.
By 2011, additional subsidiaries of the Aptar Group should be linked to the Windchill PDMLink and the central SAP system. The Innoface interface will also be used comprehensively across the board.