Since January 2009 Tox Pressotechnik has been using the Windchill PDMLink – SAP interface from Innoface.

TOX PRESSOTECHNIK GmbH & Co.KG seated in Weingarten Germany, has been using Windchill PDMLink since January 2009 for the management of CAD data. 

Pro/INTRALINK together with the Pro/INTRALINK - SAP interface from Innoface has been in use since 2003. Besides the interface the products Release- and Plotengine and Number Generator from Innoface were used.  Release- and Plotengine was installed to create neutral viewing formats for SAP. The number generator was used for automatic part number generation.

In the course of replacing Pro/INTRALINK by Windchill PDMLink Tox Pressotechnik again decided to use the SAP-Interface from Innoface in order to link Windchill PDMLink to SAP. Creation of neutral viewing files is done by Release- and Plotengine. The world wide generation of part numbers is provided by the Innoface number generator.