Release Engine

In addition to the ERP interfaces for PTC Windchill®, we also offer the software Release Engine that executes non-synchronous processes.

The Release Engine is a middleware for automating conversion tasks that have been done manually so far. It includes a database that administrates individual jobs. The Release Engine can be managed using a web user interface. Moreover, the generated jobs can be displayed and monitored. The Release Engine can send emails in order to inform the user or the administrator about the progress status.

The Release Engine has different modules, e. g. to access SAP® or PTC Windchill®. It also has modules to generate neutral formats from PTC Windchill®. The Release Engine can access CAD data from PTC Windchill® PDMLink®, open the data in PTC Creo Parametric® and if needed, create 2D formats like PDF or TIF as well as 3D formats like STL or 3D-PDF. Neutral formats that were generated in PTC Windchill® can also be downloaded and created in SAP®. 

Find out more about the Release Engine in the product brochure.


Base Module

The base module is required for the use of the Release Engine modules below. The base module covers core functionalities consisting of the Job Engine, the user interface, the user configuration, the database and the management of the service.

SAP Module

This module allows access to the SAP system. Using the Release Engine, all important SAP functions can be accessed. However, this module cannot replace the ERP interface IFConneX from PTC Windchill®.

SAP Information Service Module

This service is requested when a Windchill function needs to be executed. This module allows the transmission of data from the SAP system to Windchill. 

Windchill Module

This module allows the user to access PTC Windchill®. 

Creo 2D Module

With this module, neutral formats in 2D (TIF, PDF) can be generated in PTC Windchill® from designs stored in PTC Creo Parametric®. The neutral formats can also be stamped with this module.

Creo 3D Module

This module is used to divert neutral formats in 3D like 3D-PDF or STL from PTC Creo Parametric® models stored in PTC Windchill®.

Export Module

With this module, interchange formats like STEP, DXF and IGES can be converted from PTC Creo® Parametric designs stored in PTC Windchill®.

Transfer Module

This module allows the download and transfer of files stored in PTC Windchill® to SAP®. Also, 2D formats can be stamped. 

Office Module

Microsoft Office files can be converted to PDF and stored in SAP®. 


Module Number Generator

Using the module number generator, the design engineer can either generate a part number in line with company guidelines in the first saving process in PTC Creo® Parametric or from PTC Windchill® by accessing a menu. If needed, the objects are renamed after the part number.

The automatic generation of numbers takes some load off of the design engineer and ensures that the objects have a distinct designation both in PTC Creo® Parametric and in PTC Windchill®.

The number generator is designed to also enable other applications to draw numbers using the interface.

Furthermore, individual numbers or entire number blocks can be retrieved using the web user interface. 

JT Module

The JT module allows to convert PTC Creo® Parametric models into the JT format with an external JT converter.